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There has been much research on the benefits of laughter

There has been much research on the benefits of laughter

Laughter affects both the mind and the body. It loosens you up and picks up your mood.

Physiologically, laughter:

  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Decreases stress hormones
  • Improves immunity
  • Increase endorphins and neurotransmitters, Serotonin and Dopamine.
  • Enhances mental functioning

Psychologically, laughter:
Reduces stress, anxiety, and tension, and counteracts symptoms of depression

  • Elevates mood, self-esteem, hope, energy, and vigor
  • Enhances memory and creative thinking
  • Improves interpersonal relationships
  • Increases friendliness and helpfulness
  • Promotes psychological well-being
  • Is Contagious!

I love to laugh! Reading a funny passage, or seeing a comedian, or hearing a joke, can make me laugh out loud. And reliving these funny moments is good for the body.

Even faking or inducing laughter, can produce therapeutic effects.

If you have trouble laughing on your own, try a Laughter Club in person or online or Laughter Yoga.

Check this out and start laughing now!

It may tickle yourself funny!

Here is an excellent resource to help you laugh!
Help Guide

And here are two quotes to inspire you to laugh and have more fun during these trying times:

And from Lisa Wessan, my dear friend, colleague, and Therapeutic Laughter Expert— “Laughing at the insanity of life is very worthwhile. Strong people laugh early, laugh often and laugh deeply.” Lisa Wessan, LICSW, CLYL, RM

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