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Welcome, Sweeter Holiday Summit Visitors

Welcome, wonderful people who are involved in the Sweeter Holiday Summit program, presented by my friend Connie Bennett. It’s my pleasure to offer you a holiday special on a program that Connie and I presented. I’m pleased to offer the…

Brain Fitness Tips–How to improve your memory

I attended a workshop this week given by Alvaro Fernandez, of Sharpbrains ( He recommends the following “Tips for Memory: Practice the art of focusing Mentally repeat the information Think about the information you want to…

Stress Hormone Blocks Testosterone’s Effects

Check out this fascinating study from the University of Texas at Austin about how high levels of the stress hormone cortisol play a crucial role in blocking testosterone’s influence on competition and domination. As the press release explains — the findings, available online in Hormones and Behavior — show that “when cortisol, a hormone released in the body in response to threat, increases, the body is mobilized to escape danger, rather than respond to any influence that testosterone is having on...

1 Super Simple Tip to Relax for Mother’s Day

If you’re like most of us, stress gets the upper hand more often than you’d like. But wouldn’t it be nice to just easily stop stress right in its tracks? On this Mother’s Day weekend, it’s my pleasure to share a very simple “I Am, Relaxed Technique” that you can use no matter where you are or who you’re with. Here’s all you do if you’re stressed, overworked, overwhelmed or even annoyed with your loved ones. Just quickly shut your eyes if you can — don’t do this while driving though. (If you’re with people, just do this with your eyes open.) Take a deep breath in while inwardly thinking, “I Am.” Then hold your breath to the count of 3. Then exhale slowly while thinking “Relaxed.” Repeat 3 times. It’s that simple. As my patients have found, this “I Am, Relaxed Technique™” works wonders. It calms you down and takes you out of your frantic frame of mind. As many of you may know, that simple technique is only one of many that I teach, as you can discover here. For instance, in my Don’t Mess With Stress to Kick Sugar Program — presented by my friend sugar expert Connie Bennett — you can learn my easy: Cookie-Cutter Technique™ (one of my favorites) Hand-Over-Heart Technique™ (a wonderful one to use when you’re with other people) Late-Night, Prevent-Pig-Out Technique™ (this comes in mighty handy when your loved ones are all in bed and sweets seem to “call out” to you) Anyhow, in honor of Mother’s Day, you and your mom can get these tips and other valuable pointers for...

Learn how to manage Stress

Learn how to manage Stress during Dr. Jill’s radio interview. Total Lifetime Fitness Radio Network interviewed Dr. Baron about stress management techniques. In the interview she discusses some of the causes of stress, the symptoms of stress, and techniques we can use right now to help us manage our stress.

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