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Welcome, Sweeter Holiday Summit Visitors

Welcome, Sweeter Holiday Summit Visitors

Welcome, wonderful people who are involved in the Sweeter Holiday Summit program, presented by my friend Connie Bennett. It’s my pleasure to offer you a holiday special on a program that Connie and I presented.

I’m pleased to offer the opportunity to get a two-part Don’t Mess With Stress to Kick Sugar audio replay, which gives you simple, valuable techniques so you can unwind and de-stress at any time of day or night to conquer your sugar habit.

This two-part program — which was hosted by my friend Connie Bennett, author of the bestselling book Sugar Shock! — teaches you stress-reduction tactics that help you handle stress with grace, fun and ease.

Get your audio replay to Stop Stress Now!, in which you’ll:

  • Get simple tactics to topple stress in the very moment that you need it.
  • Learn how stress can damage your health and show you how to bring back good health.
  • Become a master of easy stress-busting tactics such as the “Twenty Breaths” technique.
  • Get help to relax at any time, under any condition.
  • Get pointers on how to pass by “that tempting donut store or that enticing bakery.”
  • Squash your sugar and carb cravings.
  • Be more productive and sleep peacefully.
  • Click below to purchase this relaxing program.

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