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What To Do When You’re Having a BAD DAY

What To Do When You’re Having a BAD DAY

Do you ever feel angry at the world, yourself, and everyone in your path?

You just don’t have the emotional space or desire to pause, reflect, and respond appropriately.

I have these days.

There can be an array of reasons why we feel this way—we may not feel physically well; we could be constipated; the dog pooped on the new carpet; we see a friend on Facebook having a great time and we “compare and despair,” etc.



We need to decide whether we wish to stay in this mindset, or choose another, more positive tack.

This is called “Emotion Regulation.”

What can you do to change the tenor of how you feel and manage your emotions better?




It is already known that exercise increases endorphins, improves the immune system, and improves mood.

Recent new evidence shows that the body influences the mind through different mechanisms, and that changes in “posture and movement” affect emotion regulation (3) and rumination.(2)

When you are having a “Bad Day”:

1. MARCH in place. If you are at your desk, stand up and march in place 15 to 75 steps. Do this every 30 minutes.(1)

2. DANCE. Put in your ear buds and dance to a song you love. Do it in the bathroom if you can’t do it at your desk! “Moving to music can also create that sense of connection and allow us to get lost in the rhythm and disconnect from rumination.”(2)



5. IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE MOVING! Yes! Even imagining yourself running on the beach can influence your emotions! (3)

6. SMILE. Moving the facial muscles to smile, even if it is contrived, has been shown to improve mood (3).

Remember–It is ok to have a “bad day.” But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Just get up and move and perhaps the negativity will melt away

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Jill


(1) https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/08/well/move/work-breaks-sitting-metabolic-health.html

(2) https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/moving_your_body_is_like_a_tuneup_for_your_mind

(3) Shafir T. Using Movement to Regulate Emotion: Neurophysiological Findings and Their Application in Psychotherapy. Front Psychol. 2016 Sep 23;7:1451.


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